Waiting For The Son - Part 4

Advent Series


The word “advent” means an anticipation of the arrival of a person or an event. Advent is the season that reminds us of an arrival of something great and the love that is attached to that.

The LOVE that Jesus brought with his birth, is a love that we not only receive we are to pass on.

In this message we look at Joseph and see that his story has similarities to our story when we encounter Jesus and his love that changed the world.

This video was played at the end of the message..

A video of the song Joseph's Lullaby with clips from the Nativity Story and the Passion of the Christ. Joseph's Lullaby by Mercyme God Bless!!

This Video was played at the beginning of the message.

"Music video by Yo-Yo Ma;Alison Krauss performing The Wexford Carol.