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The Bridge Community Church is actively involved in both Local and International Missions.

A number of years ago The Bridge was introduced to Tricia DeBoer, a missionary serving in Uganda. Since that introduction The Bridge has been supporting Tricia who is now part of an incredible Organization called, I LIVE AGAIN UGANDA. For more information about I Live Again, please click here.

On Sunday, October 20th, we were blessed to have Tricia and 3 other members from I Live Again Uganda come to The Bridge to share stories and testimonies of how God is using them.

As you listen, we pray that you are as encouraged and challenged as we were to hear what God is doing through these remarkable servants.

PART 3 - DON'T GIVE UP ON THE KINGDOM - What to do when a crisis of faith hits us?

You Will Rule It, Or It Will Rule You

In this message we address a dynamic of life that we all face. This little slice of life, this dynamic, has the potential to determine, not influence, but determine the direction and the quality of your life.

It is so powerful, it will over power your prayers, it has the potential to overpower your worship, it has the potential to overpower your commitment to Christ.

This dynamic has the potential to determine the direction and the quality of your life.

It is the thing that shipwrecks and sidelines more individuals that anything else.

You will either rule it, or it will rule you.

PART 2 - DON'T GIVE UP ON THE KINGDOM - What to do when a crisis of faith hits us?

Doubt - When God Does Not Cooperate

We've all seen athletes point to heaven after touchdowns or home runs. And we've heard actors thank God during their acceptance speeches. We know God can be glorified in our moments of success. But what about moments of weakness? How do we keep going when our circumstances are crippling and God seems to be saying, "No"? In this message, wee look at what God has promised to provide - even when it's not his cooperation. 2 Corinthians 12:6-10

PART 1 - DON'T GIVE UP ON THE KINGDOM - What to do when a crisis of faith hits us?

A Case For Doubt

Doubt is something many of us deal with when it comes to our faith. There are many good reasons for us have doubts. However, if we give Jesus the benefit of doubt, we will find him to be true.

Big Daddy Weave - I Know (Lyric Video) New Release | Sept 13, 2019

This video was played at the end of Kevin’s message.

PART 11 - AUTHENTIC FAITH - Real Faith for Real Life

Prayer That Avails Much

Could it be that there is more to prayer than we thought? James who was known as “Old Camel Knees” because of the callouses on his knees; chooses to close his letter to the early church exhorting them in prayer. And, two thousand years ago, Jesus pulled his disciples aside and taught them to pray. In examining what James says and Jesus’ instructions, we find a disconnect between their teaching and the way we typically approach prayer. We discover that there are some things about prayer we think are important but aren't; and there are some things we don't think are important that are.James 5:13-20

PART 9 - AUTHENTIC FAITH - Real Faith for Real Life

If I Were A Rich Man

God is not happy with those who have more than they need and hoard what they have. Why do we have more than we need? God expects us to share. Everyone leaves their money when they die, God wants us to give it while we are alive. James 5:1-6

I COULD HAVE DONE MORE The film Schindler's’ List.

This Video was played at the end of Steve’s Message.

PART 7 - AUTHENTIC FAITH - Real Faith for Real Life

Who Is Your Friend?

I have always said, “show me your friends and I will show you your future.” In this passage James says show me who your friends really are and I will show you why you are in the situation you are in. As hard as it is for us to accept, James’ words still ring true today; if we are friends with the world we are missing out on God’s best for us. And God is really for us. .The question is can we apply what James instructs to so that we are in a position to receive the best God has for us? James 4:4-12

PART 6 - AUTHENTIC FAITH - Real Faith for Real Life

God Loves You, But I’m Not So Sure

What is the source of conflict in our relationships? We tend to blame problems on the circumstances that hurt us without taking any responsibility ourselves. Yet, are others to blame for our unhappiness or discontent? God is the source of everything we need and all we have to do is ask Him for his help. James 4:1-3