The Armor of God Week 2: The Belt of Truth

Week Two

Day One - Monday October 15th

God’s word is consistent, stable and true. We are reminded in our homework today that once we have girded our loins in truth, and allowed it to strengthen our core, that everything else begins to make more sense and to fall into place. As well, we become more aware of the strategies the enemy is using to ensnare us. We then learned that truth is God’s opinion on any matter and that we can find His opinions in His word, the Bible.

I couldn’t help thinking, since God’s word is the truth, how exactly do I ‘wear’ God’s word?  

As our Pastor Steve quite often says, be in God’s word daily not just for information but for transformation. I couldn’t have said it better myself. If I am to WEAR God’s truth, I need to KNOW God’s truth. Even after we are finished this study, it is essential that we are in God’s word daily in order to remain victorious in our lives against the tactical strategies of the enemy.

Actionable Intel
In order to remain girded in truth, I must remain in God’s word. Personally, 30 minutes of study in the morning followed by prayer works best for me.

Conversation Starter
What are your study habits? What works best for you? Are you new to actively studying God’s word daily, if so what do you find as the biggest challenge? Or the most satisfying reward?

Drop a comment below and let us know about your study habits.