The Armor of God Week 6: The Helmet of Salvation

Week 6

Day One - Monday December 10th

The Helmet of Salvation. I have so enjoyed this first day of digging deeper into my understanding of my salvation. I have appreciated the reminder from Priscilla that our salvation isn’t just the moment of our rescue but it also the continual redemption of our daily lives through a process we call sanctification.

At Ellel we often give the illustration of the purchase of a house to explain sanctification. Once you purchase a house you own the building and whatever land was included in the transaction of the sale. However, until you enter every room you don’t fully occupy the house; let’s say that the previous owners have left garbage and unwanted items in some of the rooms -  you still own the house but until you enter every room, every space, the contents of the previous owner may still be present in the home. Now it is up to you to decide if some of the items are of value and are to be kept, thus becoming your possessions, or you can determine that the items are of no value. Like garbage, that if left, will rot and stink up your new home.

The same is true of salvation. We have been rescued from death and sin. We have been purchased with the price of Jesus’ own death on the cross. The cost has been paid, the land transfer has happened. What happens next is that we engage in a relationship with the One that rescued us and live the rest of our lives allowing Him to access every room of our house until all the garbage is gone.

Sometimes we need help with this. If there is an area in your lives where you are too afraid to let Jesus in for fear of what may be lurking behind the door, you are not alone. I needed help letting Jesus into many of the rooms in my house because of fear, shame and guilt.
If the redemption, sanctification, part of your salvation is confusing, scary or hard please contact me and we can set up a time to talk:

Actionable Intel
Be intentional about letting the rescuer redeem every room of our houses and clean out all the garbage empowering us to live the faith filled lives we were created to live.
It was for freedom that Christ has set us free we are not to be subject to the thing of our past that have remained hidden in the basement or spare bedrooms of our homes.

Conversation Starter
Is there something rotting in your life? Are you able to identify it? Have you invited the Lord in?

Don’t forget to fill out a prayer request or contact me personally if you want to talk.